Groups in the Park

Park groups' aims:
  • Enhance the park, creating an inviting, inspiring, and quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.
  • Increase levels of self- confidence and motivation for the people involved in the projects.
  • Enable local people's voice and influence in the area.
  • Raise awareness of the parks history and its vital role in our heritage.
  • Set up projects which encourage cross working, for example cross generational projects.
  • Generate a sense of pride and interest in the local environment.
  • Push Platt Fields Park forward in the City Councils priorities for parks.
  • Provide a comparison projects for other Friends groups and community organisations.
  • Provide increased opportunities for relaxation.
  • Provide increased opportunities for exercise.
  • Provide increased creative, artistic and cultural experiences.
  • Raise awareness of horticultural training projects, green gym etc.
  • Create a forum for understanding wildlife and the role this plays in our lives.
  • Give valid, meaningful experiences to young offenders and school refusers.
  • Bring more people in to the park for ongoing events, thereby contributing economically to local businesses, and hopefully decreasing isolated incidences of vandalism and crime.
Below are details of some of the groups and organisations that meet and spend time in the park.

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South Manchester Model Boat Club >>
MCR Leisure Park Warden Service >>
Platt Fields Bike Hub >>
British Military Fitness >>
Manchester Megamela >>
Manchester Gallery of Costume >>
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Friends of Platt Fields

We exist to support the park and encourage greater use of this wonderful space by the public. We hold meetings and small events here. We also run a Once-A-Month (OAM) volunteer activity afternoon on the 3rd Sunday of every month, from 1-4pm.

We have many different plans for developing areas of the park. If you have any ideas you would like to share we would love to hear from you!

Look at our homepage for details about us. We also look after two other smaller interest groups:

- Dog Walking Group

   This group exists to make sure the parks policy on dogwalking is sensible and coherent. The group will be campaigning for an off lead fenced training area in 2009. Contact Victor Blunden on 225 0879 or email: vblunden at

- Bird Watching Group

   This is a new group, wishing to record our bird population, where they live and what food they eat and how to increase the diversity of birdlife in the park. They are also monitoring the recent arrivals of Ring Necked Parrakeets, to make sure they do not damage the ecology of other birds. Contact Victor Blunden on 225 0879 or email: vblunden at

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South Manchester Model Boat Club

The club was established in 1980 as the Platt Fields Model Boat Club with two objectives:
  • To promote the construction and sailing of model boats
  • To organise, hold and attend model boat competitions
In 1998 they decided to change the name of the Club to the South Manchester Model Boat Club so as to better reflect their location and the area of population they serve. The Club has the exclusive use of the boating lake and sails there every Sunday morning from 9.30am until approx. 1.00 pm. Visitors are always welcome, but why not become a member. Sailing is permitted at other times on this water provided permission is first obtained from the Park Managers office, and a current Club membership card is produced.

Website: South Manchester Model Boat Club

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Manchester Leisure Park Warden Service

Our full time warden is Ria Page. She is the link with communities in the park and she organises activities and workshops in nature-related topics - bulb planting, birdbox making, litter picking. She also helps groups with fundraising and planning projects. She is responsible for the Park User meetings and linking these into the Green Flag applications each year.

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Platt Fields Bike Hub

Platt Fields Bike Hub
The Bike Hub operates out of the Boathouse next to the lake. For the latest news and details of their opening hours and events please see their website.

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British Military Fitness

British Military Fitness train in Platt Fields 3 times a week.

Classes are weekly on the following days:
  • Tues & Thurs 19:00-20:00
  • Sat 12:00-13:00

Military fitness classes last one hour.

At British military fitness there are three levels of class: BLUE-beginners class, RED-intermediate and GREEN-advanced class. Classes are all taken by fully qualified fitness instructors; either serving or ex-military personnel.

Your first class is FREE and full price list and more details are listed on our web site

Meeting point is the main gate on Platt Lane. See you there!

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Manchester Mega Mela

Annual weekend festival of all things South Asian - stalls, markets and culture from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. 80,000 people over the weekend, of all ages from across the North West

Website: Manchester Mega Mela

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Other Promoters bring events on an occasional basis. If these become traditions, we shall add the organisations into this list!

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Manchester City Galleries - Gallery of Costume

Manchester City Galleries is a council department that runs not only Manchester Art Gallery, but several other galleries, including the Gallery of Costume in Platt Hall, at the northern end of Platt Fields. It houses one of the largest collections of clothing and fashion accessories in Britain, containing over 20,000 items. Visitor information can be found on their website.

Website: Manchester Galleries - Gallery of Costume

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Manchester High School For Girls

The school is located next to the park.

Website: Manchester High School For Girls

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